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SkyWatch Friday

Posted by Lorac Friday, 16 October 2009

SkyWatch Friday

Autumn Reflections

I must admit I love the fall colours and the fall celebrations but not the way it is turning so cold so fast! It has been an extraordinary year for weather and I think we are going to be hit with a long cold wet winter.

This picture has it all. The building storm clouds, the lake and the gorgeous fall colour!

In the evening it can be so calm. Nothing to be heard but the cry of the loons, a few cottagers around a campfire in the chill night and our own breathing.
In the early morning it is once again so tranquil! Not one leaf was stirring , not a sound was coming to me other than my own footsteps as I walked and took in this misty morning.

Please go to SkyWatch Friday blog where you will find great posts and hosts from around the world!


  1. How beautiful! It looks like you have some nice color this year. Down here, in Wisconsin, the colors are a bit muted, and many of the leaves seem to be falling off earlier than usual, while they are still green. But it's still beautiful.

    Looking at your photos has made me happy this morning.

    I hope you have a lovely weekend.

  2. Susan Ellis Says:
  3. Lovely scenes. I love the quiet of fall, and you've captured it nicely.

  4. great reflections especially first and third, Nice photos, thanks for sharing

  5. Lindy Says:
  6. Lots of beautiful autumn colors. These are lovely, tranquil scenes.

  7. Joe Todd Says:
  8. Beautiful spot. Do you have a sauna at your cottage?

  9. eileeninmd Says:
  10. Great series of sky photos, my favorites were the second and third ones.
    Thanks for sharing your skies.

  11. It's already winding down in places. Before long, there'll be a skin of ice on those reflections!

  12. Anonymous Says:
  13. Very magical time of year! Very scenic!

  14. Jim Says:
  15. Great shots.
    Sydney - City and Suburbs

  16. Regina Says:
  17. Beautiful scenes and great reflections!

  18. YAM Says:
  19. super super nice:)
    love it!

  20. Lorac Says:
  21. Angela- Thank you!
    Susan - I do too!
    Lindy- We do have great colour this year.
    Vicky- I love reflections
    Joe - I wish! No sauna, yet!

    Eileen- I like the second and third too!
    Deborah- I am afraid you are all too right, soon there will be ice!
    Madahmas -Thanks for visiting.
    JBar -Thank you!
    Regina - I appreciate the kind comment.
    Ambiguous -Thank you for the comment and coming to visit.

  22. karen Says:
  23. So beautiful.. I love those reflections and the autumnal look! Belated Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to you, too.. Quite a contrast in temperatures, as ours are around 40C at the moment!! Good to see more progress on that rock, most fascinating :)

  24. chigozie Says:
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