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Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

Posted by Lorac Tuesday, 1 December 2009

It is official! The fist snow! I woke up to this white view of the day, I just caught it out of the corner of my eye as I got up. Something looked very different, very "White". Not far from here in Toronto, they  broke a record for no snowfall in November since 1937! I saw people out golfing yesterday. It was around 5 Celsius, pretty mild for November!

This is a snow that won't last long. They are calling for rain tomorrow!

I think it is a good day to stay in and start relearning how to crochet. A cup of Earl Grey is on order!


  1. Lindy Says:
  2. Very scenic view you have there! I always like seeing the snow on the evergreens.

  3. Lorac Says:
  4. Lindy that is one of the things I like about snow. Also the way the Christmas light reflect on the snow.

  5. Janie Says:
  6. beautiful scenery. The first snow is always a good excuse for a cup of tea and starting a pleasant indoor project.

  7. Sandra Says:
  8. Don't you love the first snow. The second, third and so on, not so much. But the first is always welcome. It looks so beautiful.

  9. Jenn Jilks Says:
  10. I woke early, and thought that the outside light was on. It was the snow reflecting the light! Here we go! Winter...

  11. happyone Says:
  12. Looks so pretty. I'd rather look at the pictures than actually be in it though!!

  13. It was beautiful this morning, wasn't it?

  14. Lori Skoog Says:
  15. It seems that we had identical weather conditions today. Tomorrow it is supposed to hit 50 and then it will get cold again.

  16. The snow looks so pretty! I hope we'll get some here in Vermont.

  17. Anonymous Says:
  18. Years since last I saw snow on me own, still wonder where all the white goes, when it melts away.

    A wonderful Wednesday for you.

  19. VioletSky Says:
  20. No snow out our way - yet. Wouldn't it have been so disappointing if it had snowed in Toronto before Dec 1st, after all that giddy hype and excitement over a snowless November?!

    But the Christmas lights and decorations need snow... so let it come.

  21. Val Says:
  22. i love snow - how exciting! and much more christmassy than sun and heat.

  23. We had snow too but it is gone already. ;-)

  24. I hate snow!!!!!!!


  25. Wow, I'm wondering if we'll get any over here. It's just now started to rain, so maybe some will "go flurry" - I think it's chilly enough.


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