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SkyWatch Friday ,What's Grey and Blue and white all over.

Posted by Lorac Thursday, 3 December 2009

SkyWatch Friday

We had the best November weather wise that we have had for many years. Not to much rain , above seasonal temperatures and most importantly, no snow. Now in December we have had only rain! Huge rainclouds and rain pelting down leaving little mini river-lets.

The sky was very dark this day. Rain had come in droves for s few hours.

Finally, there was a bit of sun that shone through illuminating the hills in the distance.

Graced me with the presence of a rainbow.
  Blue peeks through the rain laden grey clouds,

Clouds so high they kiss the sun!

Skywatch Friday Blog site has the most beautiful skies from all corners of the world . Go and have a visit!


  1. Mike Says:
  2. Nice collection of clouds and colours!

  3. Jossie Says:
  4. Beautiful sky pictures. I love the dark moody clouds.

  5. Guy D Says:
  6. I like these shots alot,and I must say your header photo is outstanding.

    All the best
    Regina In Pictures

  7. Lorac Says:
  8. Mike- Thank you!
    Josie- They were very moody that day!
    Guy- Thanks guy. It is the lake where my cottage is.

  9. darsden Says:
  10. Love the rainbow! Great shots

  11. VioletSky Says:
  12. the rainbow and the bit of blue sky in the photo below that are gorgeous!

  13. Lorac Says:
  14. Dar - Me too
    VioletSky - Thank you!

  15. Kim, USA Says:
  16. Been blog hopping for these skywatchers meme, and your post is the second time I have seen a rainbow, lovely pictures you've got thanks for sharing!

    My SkyWatchFriday-Sunset

  17. Rajesh Says:
  18. Amazing sky shots. Variety in the different color of sky is lovely.

    Visit Kumbalgarh, the Unconquered Fort

  19. Jenn Jilks Says:
  20. We expect a big snowfall tomorrow

  21. Janie Says:
  22. Cute title for your post. Really lovely pictures. I especially like the rainbow!

  23. Marites Says:
  24. woooh..i love the rainbow pic. nice captures!!

  25. Carolyn Says:
  26. Beautiful captures with great composition and colours....
    oh the beauty of cottage country.

  27. George Says:
  28. This is a beautiful sequence of sky pictures. I like the rainbow you captured in your third photo, and the contrast is the clouds in the fourth photo is very dramatic.

  29. ~Cheryl Says:
  30. Love your photos! The rainbow really made my heart sing. Wow-ee! Have a wonderful day

  31. karen Says:
  32. Gorgeous sky photos, I just love them! Also the snowy ones earlier.. :)

  33. Wow, those clouds are really dramatic!

  34. Tammy Says:
  35. Great series of photos that shows how ever changing the sky is, especially in the Fall!

  36. Lori ann Says:
  37. Dear Carol,
    it is such a pleasure coming here, there is so much beauty and i love what you choose to share! i hope you are staying cozy warm!

  38. happyone Says:
  39. Such a beautiful series of sky pictures.
    Love the rainbow.
    You must be getting all the rain that we had during November!

  40. Joe Todd Says:
  41. Wonderful photos and colors. Thanks for the post

  42. What beautiful skies you captured there, and a rainbow in December to boot!

  43. Lindy Says:
  44. Such a beautiful series of sky shots!

  45. Lori Skoog Says:
  46. Great shots. Did I see a rainbow?

  47. What a grand rainbow. It arches across the whole sky! - Margy

  48. Are you ready for the snow that's coming tonight? (Should be interesting tomorrow morning!) What about the snow forecast for next week?

    Very nice sky photos, Lorac!

  49. Glancer Says:
  50. Enjoy seeing your Canada photos so much.

  51. D Says:
  52. Wonderful series of photos, and that 1st one is like a wash of color. Stunning.


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