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Scenic Sunday - Cataract Trail, Weekend Reflections

Posted by Lorac Saturday, 17 April 2010

I went to meet my daughter in law and granddaughter for a walk along the Elora Cataract Trail which is a part of the Trans Canada Trail as well.
The Elora Cataract Trailway is a 47 kilometre trail linking parks, watersheds and communities in south-central Ontario, Canada. The trail was originally the route of the Credit Valley railway branch line from Elora to Cataract, built in 1879.

 All along the path there is plenty of wetlands for the local fowl. This lone Mallard (male) duck was pretty leery of me getting close.
 It had been a magnificent day for April, 25 Celsius, and it was a lovely night with a showy sunset reflected in a natural pond. The cacophony of sounds was almost deafening with frogs croaking and tree frogs shrilling, ducks and gees honking and quacking. Nature was really enjoying this early warm weather!
  Along the route I found these little blossoms, called Bloodroot. As a child I would pick them and use the sap, which was like iodine to paint on my legs and arms. It, like iodine, didn't wash off easily!At night they close and you can see their leaves wrapped tightly around the stem.
 The scenery changed significantly as I walked along. Limestone is every where in this region. An old tree takes on the same grey hue with the ages.
 The path is well maintained and there were lots of walkers and cyclists. I even saw horseshoe prints in the gravel. This was at 8:00 pm at night , so I would say it is a very busy trail!
Always love a good sunset!
My granddaughter found a big fat toad! He was running across the path on his way back into the woods. We convinced him to visit for a bit.

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  1. fredamans Says:
  2. You know, you can walk that trail right to my house in Hamilton!!! It travels all that way.

    Great photo journey!

  3. Maia T Says:
  4. It looks like this was a very pleasant hike.
    Lovely nature scenery and beautiful sunset.
    Have a nice weekend!

  5. Lorac Says:
  6. fredaman, we have some really good trails in Ontario!

    maiaT, hope you also have a good weekend!

  7. bonifer Says:
  8. Looks like a great trail, Lorac, lucky you and your granddaughter is a sweetie, she looks so happy with that toad !! :)

  9. Lorac Says:
  10. bonifer, she was definitely happy! She wanted to take it home! We convinced her to let it stay with it's friends in the forest.

  11. Anonymous Says:
  12. What a wonderful place for a hike. It's beautiful country. I loved it and that last photo of your granddaughter is just priceless. :) Have a wonderful weekend :)

  13. cat Says:
  14. What a fantastic place to walk around in :) I really love your beautiful sunset photos :)

  15. eileeninmd Says:
  16. Wonderful reflections and scenic shots. Your grandduahgter looks happy holding the toad.

  17. ~Cheryl Says:
  18. Thanks for taking us along on your walk! What a glorious day you had, and I can almost hear your granddaughter's squeals of delight! Marvelous post!

  19. Susan Ellis Says:
  20. Nice! I went to University of Guelph and we used to go to the Elora Gorge for picnics..beautiful area!

  21. I love seeing the bloodroot about to bloom. I think we are very lucky to have so many trail systems her in Ontario.

  22. Serline Says:
  23. Thanks for the guided tour. Have a happy weekend!

  24. Clytie Says:
  25. What a wonderful series you took of your walk. I was entranced by your description of bloodroot - I'd never heard of them. Now I will have to go look them up!

  26. Jenn Jilks Says:
  27. Fabulous shots, and nothing like a walk with granddaughters!!! Thank you for visiting <A HREF=" </A> !

  28. Looks like a pretty good hiking trail!

  29. Aisha Says:
  30. That's nice you could walk with your granddaughter. Quality time is always special especially when you go on nature walk.

  31. These shots are very nice...sure looks like spring there~!

  32. Arti Says:
  33. What a wonderful post Lorac..the photos are superb as always..
    Your grand daughter looks very happy with the toad!!!

  34. happyone Says:
  35. Always like a good walking trail. How nice you got to go with your daughter in law and grand daughter. :-)


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