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Mid Winter Scenes

Posted by Lorac Monday, 21 February 2011

Last week saw a few mild days with so much snow melting all at once there was flooding in some areas. In the country it produced scenes like this out in the fields. I was driving by and the beautiful gold and blue colours just lit up the scene. Decidedly un-winter like! I turned around for a photo much to the annoyance of other drivers on this two lane back road.

The sun shining on the other side  of the road onto this patch of water and snow was brilliant.

Winter is not all bad. Granted there are more cold, snow blowing, not for walking days than good ones but when the skies open to sunshine and the temperature elevates just a little- it can be glorious to be outside in the fresh crisp air! I have been trying to get out more now that the snow is a little less deep. I really enjoy exploring in the winter and look at what it can bring!

This marvelous little falls is part of Silver Creek on the Niagara Escarpment. A local creek not far from my house. It is especially beautiful in winter after a melt as it increases the water volume.
 In 1849 a small village was born around the creek. The southern Ontario plain meets the Niagara escarpment where Silver Creek village was established. A clear stream of water rushed down the hill. In 1850 John Graham opened a saw and gristmill with the creek as its power source.This spot accommodated a wagon road up the escarpment, steep though it was. As wagons and riders waited their turn to ascend or descend the escarpment or waited for their products at the mill, Graham provided a tavern and a general store to meet their needs and here a small village sprang up. Today, Silver Creek is one of Ontario’s "lost hamlets", now little more than a memory of times long gone.  The establishment of the Bruce Trail in 1967 brought hikers through the lovely vale where the walls of the Georgetown reservoir still stand and where the Silver Creek still splashes down the escarpment.
Thanks to the Esquesing Historical Society for this info on Silver Creek!


  1. Karen Says:
  2. A lovely series of shots. Maybe spring is on the way!

  3. You've shown some of the beauty of this time of year. I agree that winter is not all that bad - especially when the sun shines every once in a while. :)

  4. Barb Says:
  5. You've definitely got snowmelt and lots water! We're a bit worried about flooding here in the mountains of CO when our melt begins - we've had a record year of snow. That's a wonderful capture of the falls.

  6. betty-NZ Says:
  7. Those are some awesome shots! I truly love to see snow and ice scenes but have no desire to be up close and personal any more!

  8. Unknown Says:
  9. Thank you for your visit , and for the comment.
    I see there is much to look around at here. More than one blog ? Wow.

    and you live in Georgetown? That isn't too far from me.

  10. Naturegirl Says:
  11. Lorac it is nice to see that you are making the best of the winter by taking photo opportunities like the ones you post!
    Truly wonderful images! I see that you just lived down the road from my last residence before I relocated to Grand Bend!!
    I come to Georgetown to do parties with my jewellery business!
    Waving to you from the sunshine of the Arizona desert!
    Those Javelina I posted was something we waited 3 years to capture on camera!

  12. D Says:
  13. Lorac, I love that field... wide open spaces, beautiful color. Without winter, how could we have spring? ;)

  14. Andy Says:
  15. Interest photos and interesting history.

  16. So beautiful! The wideopen field and the waterfall


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