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Sunday Bridges

Posted by Lorac Sunday, 27 February 2011

I posted this a few days ago but was encouraged to post it for Sunday Bridges. This is part of Silver Creek, just outside of the town I live in. The creek is engorged with runoff water created by the last snow melt a few days back. If you look closely there are four waterfalls.  It is a historical reminder of the great craftsmanship that once was. Very few bridges like this left to see.

Here you can see the road goes over the creek by way of a one lane bridge. This is such a lovely old bridge. I hope they preserve and repair it, not remove it for something more functional.

                                                      Sunday Bridges - Go look!


  1. Barb Says:
  2. The bridge, the raging water, and your photo of them have such energy. I'd love to hear the rush of that stream!

  3. KaHolly Says:
  4. Barb said it best! I hope, if they do any repairs, they don't compromise the integrity of the bridge. I shot a few pics of an old waterway just a few weeks ago, but cement repairs stuck out like a sore thumb!!! ~karen

  5. Unknown Says:
  6. You have a wonderful artist's eye. Hope your new career is really going well. By the way you missed your century, the Victorians were heavily into fairies and water sprites - oh, and photography!

  7. Lorac Says:
  8. Barb- I actually took video of some falls a little upstream to this I will post those this week.

    Karen- It was so peaceful. Not a soul in sight!

    Carole - Thank you so much! Maybe I can start a new wave of looking for fairies and sprites!

  9. Anonymous Says:
  10. Another great set of photos in this and the previous post. That bridge is beautiful.

  11. fredamans Says:
  12. Gorgeous! Amazing the beauty that can be found! Thank you for participating!

  13. Rushing water always makes such great photos. You are right about the bridge & it really is a work of art!

  14. Oh NOW I want to find this spot! I like these photos a LOT!

  15. Faythe Says:
  16. awesome. I can "see" the fairies & sprites, thanks for the imagery for the eyes & mind! thanks for stopping by & linking up as well :)
    Faythe @ GMT

  17. Anonymous Says:
  18. oohhh.... simply beautiful!!!

  19. Mommy Emily Says:
  20. gorgeous photos. (over here from deb's...)

  21. Tammie Lee Says:
  22. wonderful bridge indeed!

  23. Tara Says:
  24. Oh, they have so much energy...great bridge too.

  25. Lois Evensen Says:
  26. Very, very pretty. Yes, I can imagine those water fairies, too. :)

  27. You should post the link to this bridge this coming Sunday at «Louis'» Sunday Bridges.

  28. I love the sound of streams rushing over the rocks. I could almost hear it through your shots. - Margy

  29. Unknown Says:
  30. i could feel the rush of water in your photos.

  31. Andy Says:
  32. Count me in with EG Wow. I also need to find the bridge. Have you ever thought about adding a location gadget to you postings?

  33. This is really an old lovely bridge! Great shots!

  34. Arija Says:
  35. A lovely old bridge indeed. Beautiful the way the archway constrains the water to make a much more effective photo. Should it become impractical for traffic, I hove they re-route the road over a new bridge far enough away not to spoil this one and leave the old bridge and cut off stretch of road as a bike and walking trail.

  36. Unknown Says:
  37. Now there's a wonderful beginning for a children's book!

  38. a lovely old bridge. I think the last shot is the better one. And like yo, I think it should be preserved.

  39. Carol Says:
  40. Love it. The shot would make a really pretty painting.

  41. VioletSky Says:
  42. EG and Andy and I may just have a rendezvous looking for this bridge! (I copied directions)
    MY bridge is at Palletta House in Burlington. On Lakeshore Rd just east of Walkers Line. There is a small conservation park to the east of the house with a nice trail.

  43. Ah lovely! ;-) So beautiful, so perfect for letting the imagination run wild!

    Thanks for your comment, I had to laugh because you missed my bridge altogether, lol! :-)

  44. Janie Says:
  45. Great shots of the scenic bridge, with its water fringed with ice and snow.

  46. Regina Says:
  47. Awesome!
    Happy new week ahead.

  48. Zyzzyz Says:
  49. That is lovely little bridge and the winter water is flowing rapidly.

  50. EcoRover Says:
  51. Lorac, that's an amazing stone arch bridge! What's the provenance? Thanks for stopping by at EcoRover.


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