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SkyWatch Friday

Posted by Lorac Thursday, 19 November 2009

SkyWatch Friday

 The sun lights Golden skies with it's final breath of the day.

 I was driving into this sunset and had to stop . I couldn't keep my eyes on the road. That brilliant orb was blinding in it's last light and the colours were so intense, but different from the colours I usually see in a sunset. The land had already given up it's light and colour for the day and the contrast was stark.

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  1. happyone Says:
  2. A perfect sky to say good by to the day.

  3. This is a beautiful sky indeed!

  4. hetty Says:
  5. Just as your sun is taking its final breath for the day, so am I at this spectacular beauty!

  6. April Says:
  7. What a gorgeous sunset sky!

  8. FO - 2 Says:
  9. Lovely! :)

  10. eden Says:
  11. absolutely gorgeous shot!

  12. Jim Says:
  13. Great sunset.
    Sydney - City and Suburbs

  14. Did you take that on Saturday, as that was a glorious day wasn't it?

    Great shot.


  15. Lorac: Love it, love it, love it, so nicely captured.

  16. Lorac Says:
  17. Gill, no I took it awhile back. We have had the nicest weather though!

  18. eileeninmd Says:
  19. Simply beautiful, happy skywatching.

  20. Ebie Says:
  21. Beautiful! Your capture is so soft as satin!

    I can't keep my eyes off the road too!

  22. Naturegirl Says:
  23. A stunning ending to your day!Gorgeous capture!

  24. Jay Says:
  25. I love sunset too. Great pic.

  26. Great silhouette of the "hill?" Wonderful colors. Thanks for sharing

  27. Vaiheinen Says:
  28. Oh what a sunset. Great feeling in this shot! Thanks.

  29. Martha Says:
  30. Magnificent. I think I would have had to stop and admire it as well!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  31. Thanks for the visit. I can see why you stopped. Sometimes when I'm driving I miss great shots because I don't take the time. I'm glad you did. Yes, it's been great to get back to the cabin. - Margy

  32. BK Says:
  33. I love how the sun turned the sky golden. Beautiful shot!

  34. Sahildeki Ev Says:
  35. You need to stop at this scene..Such a nice time of the day..

  36. Unknown Says:
  37. With your wonderful photography in mind, I woke up early and noticed a golden red glow through the curtains, and thinking 'Good, I'll be able to see the sunrise for once!' threw back the curtains and saw it was the light from a distant street lamp! grrrr :-)

  38. Dewdrop Says:
  39. Stunning capture. I am glad you stopped for it. I love the muted melding colors of the shots. Truly splendid.

  40. Joe Todd Says:
  41. Beautiful skies in Ontario

  42. FO - 2 Says:
  43. I'm back to answer your question on my blog.

    The picture in my header is the view from my home.
    You can see the North Sea in the horizon.

    Have a happy weekend! :)

  44. FO - 2 Says:
  45. I have been to Canada, by the way.
    I just loved Vancouver!
    A beautiful city! :)

  46. Lovely Lorac - right on the cusp of disappearing - a good capture!

  47. Quiet Paths Says:
  48. I can see why you were moved to pull over and take this shot. Very inspiring.

  49. Lorac Says:
  50. Ida, thanks for answering! That is quite the view you have! I live quite a distance from Vancouver but have been there myself. It is a nice city.

  51. Tammie Lee Says:
  52. such a wonderful final breath!

  53. I'd have had to pull over too! Fabulous colors! LOVE your header, too!

  54. Nina Says:
  55. Beautiful sky, just before sunrise (I think...) Love the soft color!
    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  56. Lew Says:
  57. Gorgeous sunset! And your shot of the welder in the kiln is a fantastic photo! Your ob must have gottten you into (and out of) some interesting places.

  58. Rajesh Says:
  59. Beautiful radiant golden sky.

  60. Soooo pretty! I loved it when you said the sun was taking it's "final breath of the day".

  61. Damama T Says:
  62. Breathtaking! I can see why it would be hard to drive!

    Damama's at it again!

  63. karen Says:
  64. Wow, spectacular sunset!! I've also been catching up on and enjoying your earlier posts too.. lovely!

  65. I really like the contrast here of the sun and sky with the silhouette in the foreground.

  66. beautiful sunset :)

  67. Anonymous Says:
  68. Beautiful. Those liminal moments are the best.

  69. Wow!


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