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Skywatch Friday -Getting Some Air

Posted by Lorac Thursday, 26 November 2009

SkyWatch Friday
It was a grey rainy day. Outside the window looked damp and dull but I couldn't take it any longer. I had to get out for a walk. I went to grab my camera but wondered what I would take pictures of at this time of year with this weather? I grabbed it anyway thinking of all the beautiful blogs that show such wonderful flowers, plants and spring time on the other side of the world. Maybe, I could get something at least interesting to look at. Maybe!

A puddle at the entrance to the clay pit affords us a glimpse of the sky in it's reflection.

We go past the old lonely barn with it's rusty red roof and silo. Sad to see this once useful barn going to ruin.

  The creek is swollen from the rain.
 Pretty to hear the laughing water flowing over the little dams. A bright red Dogwood bush gives a splash of colour.

 On the other side there is a reflection of the sky and the trees in the still area of water. The once colourful leaves are all on the ground making a brown carpet that crunches when you walk on it if it is dry.

Down the road we pass my favorite farm in the area. The new owners have worked hard to bring this back to it's prior splendor and beyond. Look what they have done with the barn! There are two Christmas trees in front of the red barn which light up at night.

Of course these are my favorite cows! These are Black Angus. King of cows. The skies are getting lighter and I even had a bit of sun for this shot.

Across the road, the unharvested corn glows in the new bit of sunlight.

 The sky is showing the breaks of blue sky through the storm clouds. Normally I see the horses in here.

Whoa! What are you doing here gorgeous?

 I have never seen horses lying down, three together before. Their backs are to the wind to keep warm. They are not happy with the rain and the cooler air today!

The donkey doesn't seem to mind the horse company. In fact he faced his backside to them, ignoring them entirely. A small itch disturbed his disdain.

A noise in the bush brings my attention to this shy little fellow. Peering out from behind the tree trunk he chatters to let me know I am trespassing. Squirrels are very possessive of their property.

We have great White Pine trees in this area. In fact are known for them. In the old days there were many wood mills around to process these stately trees.

The sky is clearing, another beautiful November Day has emerged.

 Go check out all the SkyWatch Friday posts! Bloggers sign up from all over the world!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends!


  1. Rune Says:
  2. Creative and fine Skywatch, beautiful photos!

  3. Jim Says:
  4. Good shots.
    Sydney - City and Suburbs

  5. Pearl Maple Says:
  6. Lovely collection of photos from your walk, thanks for sharing with us in Sky Watch Friday.

  7. Really lovely pictures, especially the corn field!

  8. Jossie Says:
  9. Thank you for this beautiful tour. The pictures are great.

  10. Karine Says:
  11. What a fun series of shots, I love it! Very original idea to take pictures of the reflection of the sky too :o)

  12. Great variations of sky shots, love the last one the most!

    Please check some Heavenly Sky over at Chinhae, Korea!

  13. Susan Ellis Says:
  14. Very nice Lorac..your "eye" just keeps getting better!

  15. April Says:
  16. I enjoyed going along with you on your very interesting walk. Beautiful clouds and reflections and lovely scenery!

  17. SandyCarlson Says:
  18. Very nicely done!

  19. Janie Says:
  20. You found many interesting sights on your rainy day walk. Thanks for sharing the photos and commentary.

  21. Anonymous Says:
  22. Lovely shots of the fall in the Ontario countryside. Thanks for visiting my site - I am like you, an amateur, so you will find a mixed bag of shots at my site (including Toronto shots). Please visit again.

  23. Gaelyn Says:
  24. You found a lot to share with us including a beautiful sky. Great farm country you have to take a walk in.

  25. Gunilla Says:
  26. Great shots. Thanks for sharing

    Have a nice weekend
    Gunilla in Sweden

  27. Great series of farmland shots. Nice reflections and sky shots.

  28. Joe Todd Says:
  29. Great post Love the sky,farm and animal photos I hope you take more walks to share with us

  30. Lorac: what a fun trip through your area with a lot of great photos. That limb above the Black Squirrel looks like a turtle's head.

  31. Jim Klenke Says:
  32. You have a lot of interesting things to look at, thanks for taking your camera on your walk.

  33. Wow! Well that's a lot of beauty for a walk that held little promise! It's true - we see mostly what we're looking for!
    Have a great weekend,

  34. happyone Says:
  35. I'm so glad you decided to take your camera along with you on your walk. So many great shots you took.
    In the picture of the squirrel, there is a dead tree limb that looks to me like a snake head.

  36. eileeninmd Says:
  37. Great skies and photos. Love the reflections. Happy skywatching.

  38. studio lolo Says:
  39. I love relection shots, looking at the sky from below! What fun to capture them. I'll be posting one of those shots tomorrow for Six Word Saturday. Stop by if you can.

    I think cows and horses lie down in groups when bad weather is approaching. And donkeys and goats LOVE being horse companions ;)
    Beautiful shot of the three of them.

  40. Glennis Says:
  41. The gray day was no problem for you to find great things to photograph. My favorite is the donkey with an itch! And the no milk today one wonderful. Pretty scenery around your home.

  42. Anonymous Says:
  43. The 'no milk' sign in the first picture caught me for a very, very long time - guess if I had more, I'd like to write a book about it.
    Wonderful photography also the other pictures. Reminds me of home.
    A wonderful weekend for you.

  44. Lori Skoog Says:
  45. What a great collection of photographs. It turned out to be a nice day!

  46. PJ Says:
  47. Thanks for the walk, my cheeks are pink and I'm ready for the rest of my day! '~) Happy SWF!

  48. J Says:
  49. I particulary like the sky over the fields and the reflections shots. I have been very frustrated by seeing beautiful skies to and from work when I don't have my camera with me!

  50. XoXo Says:
  51. I especially love the one on the reflection Lorac but all are great shots. Sorry for the late visit and have a nice weekend.

  52. Debra Says:
  53. Nice pitures from your walk! Love the three horses lying in a row too! :)

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