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Wake up and Smell the Coffee!

Posted by Lorac Saturday, 28 November 2009

I have been feeling sorry for myself. That's not like me! I usually have "get up and go to it" spirit and I can't believe how down I am this season!. So! No more!
I think I have to look at this "Being broke for Christmas Thing" differently! Time to stop feeling like a deer caught in the headlights!

In a nutshell, I am feeling badly because I can't give to others at Christmas (as in go out and buy gifts) but what my readers have pointed out is that there is no changing that, so it's time to become creative with giving. Many years ago, as a single Mom, I often had to become creative in my gift giving. So by my fellow bloggers suggestions, I need to think what I can give of myself!

Firstly, although I am pleased as punch that the weather has been much warmer than usual, I think this is part of the problem . It is really hard to gain the Christmas spirit when there is no snow and the temperatures are mild. I have done no decorating here as I have been low in spirit. Time to move on!
I will start by pulling out the decorations! Set up the tree. Put out the wreaths and candles and everything else I can find! Maybe this will bring on a bit more spirit and I can come up with some ideas!

When it comes right down to it, Christmas should be about family and love and realizing what is important to us!

I have stated to brainstorm on gifts I can make and time I can share. I was looking earlier on the web and there are a ton of sites on making inexpensive gifts for family, many with things you have around the house.

For friends, I will have a Christmas movie/potluck night! I only have a few female friends I would really want to entertain anyway, so I will get some soppy Christmas movie, like White Christmas, and ask everyone to bring a potluck plate! We can have a little dinner first and then watch the movie. I can have a nice fire going in the fireplace and with all my decorations I am going to put up it should be nice!

I am looking for ideas! If any one has some ideas for making inexpensive gifts for the family let me know! Especially for a 6 year old girl and a 14 year old girl!


  1. Your idea of a potluck/movie is terrific; I'm going to copycat that one. Hope your doldrums (not to mention unemployment) come to an end real soon, too! Whenever I've been cash-strapped for gifts I've relied on that old standby, the I.O.U. and tried to think of things that each person would like but not think of, or maybe find weird, amusing, like: I will paint your toes for you with all different colors, etc.

  2. Lorac Says:
  3. Deborah - Good suggestion! I will think on who to use that with!

  4. Janie Says:
  5. I don't have any ideas for you, but I do love to receive homemade gifts best.

  6. I know what you mean! It's hard to get in the holiday spirit with no snow, and the whole gift-giving thing can be stressful.

    A photograph can be a nice gift. I have given my nieces and nephews framed photos of them. This idea could work for your 14-year-old. Handmade jewelry for both girls is also a possibility. Do you knit? I've known people who have made nice hand-knit hats and scarves for Christmas (although it might be too time-consuming).

    Take care.

  7. Lorac Says:
  8. Janie -I do too!

    Erica - That's a good idea about the photographs! I have never made jewelery before. I will have to check into that.Thanks for the ideas.

  9. Lindy Says:
  10. My paternal grandmother had six children and 20+ grandchildren, and was widowed at age 64. She had never had a job other than being a homemaker. Once she was widowed, she took in laundry and did ironing for different folks in the community. She obviously could not buy us individual gifts. What she did at Christmas time (and I ALWAYS looked forward to this) was give each of her children's families jars of homemade jelly and jam. Other gifts I received from her over the years included pillow cases she embroidered, crewel needlework pictures, and upon my graduating from high school, an afghan she pieced together of wool squares she had made on a small loom.

    I hope this helps with some ideas. IOU's are always great, too. Is there any craft or hobby you do that the 6-yr-old or 14-yr-old would like to learn? You could offer to spend the day teaching them.

    Hope your funding comes through for schooling. Since you have the paramedic background, perhaps you could go into teaching in that field instead?

  11. betty-NZ Says:
  12. I'm so glad to hear that you have a change of attitude!! Good on ya, mate!

    I like the 'gift certificate' for spending time with you or babysitting or whatever idea!

    I do hope you let us know what you ended up doing!

  13. Merisi Says:
  14. I think the best gift is giving someone time, also lessons are invaluable, like teaching how to knit or take pictures, something that enriches these young people's life. May the Holiday Spirit get ahold of you, all the best!

  15. Lorac Says:
  16. Lindy- She sounds like an amazing grandmother! I think it is true that I set myself up for this as I have always spent a small fortune on Christmas. A few years back I had suggested that we all make a gift and give that to one other, a name picked form a hat. Excluding the little ones of course! They got their own little gifts.It went over well! For some reason it stopped when my Dad passed.

    Beyty-;> Thank you!

    Merisi- I have been thinking on that and I agree!

  17. A Scattering Says:
  18. If you decide to go with photos you could print 5x7s, which are more reasonably priced than 8x10s, and consider your local dollar store for mats and frames. Do you live close enough to the little ones to take photos of yourself with each of them? Your decorations will help your spirit. Pop a favorite Christmas CD on the player and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate. Also see if you can find an online Advent calendar, bookmark it and open a window on it each day. Sending a hug from the south.

  19. Have the kids over to your house one afternoon near Christmas, and make and decorate some sugar cookies that they can the take home wrapped in ribbon! My two would love that. In fact they love just going to someone's house and "making" anything.

    Or Walmart do some cute and pretty making-jewellery packs for $4.99. They are fantastic value. Does the 14 year old have pierced ears. Ear-rings never fail!

    More good wishes to you lorac for a new year full of employment.

  20. Some of my best Christmas memories involve no presents at all ... just wonderful gathering with friends and family over a tasty meal with good conversation ;-)
    Hugs and blessings,

  21. happyone Says:
  22. I was going to suggest knitted hats or scarves, but I see someone has already mentioned that. Baked goods are another idea put in some kind of original container.

    I think your idea of the supper/movie is a great idea!!

  23. there is a link on my blog tomorrow, for a $5 off coupon for Coles and Chapters no minimum purchase that you could use to buy some little things at little to no money?


  24. Lorac Says:
  25. Elaine- Great idea! I am seeing them soon so will take the camera

    Story Teller-I agree with that! It really is the kids that I like to get a gift for.

    Karen -I never did learn to knit but baking is feasible!

    Gill-Thank you ! The 14 year old loves to read!I will look for that!


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