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Take a tour of Kawagama Lake

Posted by Lorac Tuesday, 7 July 2009

It was so nice to get away for a couple of days at the cottage. It was even nicer to have my son all to myself. Don't get me wrong here, I also love being at the cottage with my daughter-in-law and the grand kids, but what a treat to spend some time, just the two of us. We have always been good friends and we enjoy being around each other. Some times working together, some times exploring. Or as in this weekend, a bit of both. We had a few chores to do but also decided to relax and go for a long boat ride up the lake and a tour down memory lane. We both have had our experiences and fun times on the lake so it was fun to reminisce.

Harley The Doggy was excited! He loves the boat and falls asleep on the floor with the rocking motion. So we started out on the lake. This is Kawagama Lake. It is 12 miles long and in spots 240 feet deep.
Water Surface: 32 sq Km, Depth 73.2m (240 ft) Approx. Elevation 355 m (1166 ft.) Perimeter 115 km (71 mi)

Our property is on a peninsula in small bay at the south end of the lake. Up and around the corner, we start into the larger  part of the lake. First we see a camp for underprivileged city children. It has great programs for canoeing, sailing, swimming and camping.

 Then around another peninsula and past a couple of islands we came into the "big lake" as we call it.It is just the upper portion of the lake and larger than our bay, so, the big lake.

 I have always loved the rock cliffs around the lake, a sharp grey, meeting the cool crystal blue of the lake. Lined with stately fir trees, adding evergreen to the mix. Some cottages are landmarks and it seems they have always been there. This area well known as Fish Pole Point.

We passed families enjoying a warm summer day,swimming and playing water games.

And parcels of land  untouched by mankind, pristine land, sky and lake.

Some of the large bays are connected only with channels. This one is marked with bright green and red buoy markers to show you where to safely go through into Fletcher Bay. When I got this picture on the computer Icouldn't believe I caught a fish jumping out of the water. Enlarge the picture to see it better.

On the way back, hidden in a small cove, accessible except to small boats due to the fallen logs and tree roots, is a small waterfall that was rushing its clear water into the lake from a smaller lake on elevated land away in the forest.


  1. Delwyn Says:
  2. Hi Lorac

    I can see why you love to escape to your cottage as often as you can. It reminds me of the Marlborough Sounds in New Zealand - very natural and unspoiled...

    Happy days

  3. What a beautiful sport to relax and unwind in. I know what you mean about one on one attention with your children my kids are only young but I really enjoy giving them special time. I hope this never changes as they get older.

    I hope your hospital visit was as bad as you expected it to be.

  4. Hi Lorac,
    Your photos of the lake remind me of Eagle Lake, near Vermilion Bay in Ontario Canada. My wife and I go up there every year to do some fishing and to enjoy the beauty of Canada. We will be going there in late August. Thanks for sharing and bringing back pleasant memories. Rick

  5. What a lovely spot! I so love all the wild places in Canada. On one of our recent family vacations to Canada, we spent a week in Ontario cottage country. I could easily have stayed forever! Your photos are lovely.

  6. Lori ann Says:
  7. Oh My! what a wonderful day you had with your son, I know just what you mean about the one on one time. So special.

    Cananda is gorgeous.
    thank you for sharing.

  8. Anonymous Says:
  9. That was lovely and very tranquil. Thanks for a great trip on your boat and the lovely photographs.

    CJ xx

  10. Anonymous Says:
  11. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.  

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