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Ye "Old Seed House" Garden

Posted by Lorac Friday, 24 July 2009

Just a few years back in Georgetown there was a mail order seed house. The seed house had about 20 acres of land "smack in the middle of town" and grew flowers for seed, roots and bulbs. It was well known in the area and many a visitor to Georgetown was very pleasantly surprised to see the sea of flowers and wave of colour.
It came to pass, that the original owners passed away and the family, after a few years decided to sell the property to the town. An extremely lucrative arrangement. The town folk were mighty sad to hear this bit of news but became slightly less so when they heard that a "specialty" shopping mall, park with a skating rink and park area with a pond were going to be built.
A few more years past and many write ups in the newspaper about what the town proposed to do with the land. The story changed many times. I suppose that the Shopping plaza and the parks would not bring in the kind of "dough" that was wanted needed, so the plans changed. First a Catholic High School was built on the grounds. Well, we actually did need another high school in Georgetown. The Catholic students had to bus to a nearby town. Building this one would benefit many.
A couple of more years, sporadic work here and there by the town, making ,what I supposed was the memorial garden to the seed house. Didn't look like much from the roadway. Just this spring they built a park for children with play equipment and a little water park and picnic area. It has been well populated with kids this year. So part of the towns plans have come about.
I decided I would go and take a look at this memorial garden on the far side of the park. I was pleasantly surprised! There is still a little work to be done, but it really is a lovely spot. The kind of spot I would love to have taken the kids to in their stroller and sit and mediation while they slept.
There is a nice parking area, not too big and well kept. A pathway starts into the garden and down the path, over a nice little bridge. A small boy there told me there were trolls under the bridge. I said I would be very careful! There are a few benches to sit on scattered around. A strong young Oak tree stands guard before the bridge. Many hardwood trees have been planted in the park and will one day reach great heights. Spirea and Euonymus flank the bridge.

After the bridge, the walkway takes you into an alcove. Here is a tinkling tiny waterfall topped off with a lavender bush and a pond with several coy fish.
Two little coy and water plants. I would think that in the late fall a home would have to be found for the coy and the water plants which would freeze.

 There is a back path from the alcove with the pond. It takes you around behind the bridge. Lilies, Shasta Daisy's, Brown Eyed Susan's and Lavender all flanked the walkway.

 Going left the pathway became this gorgeous open formal garden! I love Lavender and there was lots of it. One Eyed Daisy's, Bee's Balm, various Lilies, Salvia, Phlox,Gladiolas and many more! Standing tall, a Gazebo tops off the garden as a place to rest in rain or sunshine and gaze at the soothing gardens.

 There are two iron benches in the gardens, off to each side. I sat down for a bit.The smell of Lavender and sweet flowers drifted in the afternoon air.

 The front of the Gazebo invites walkers inside to sit in the cool shade on the benches all around.

 The promised pond is there, below the gazebo. If you enlarge the pic you will see that the pond is half covered in water lily's. Planted all around the park are trees of various types. Wild grasses and Queen Anne's Lace surround the pond. I have only shown about half. It looked quite pretty in the sun.
Turning to go back to my car, I see another storm is brewing. We have had an inordinate amount of rain this year and quite cool temperatures for Ontario in July.
 Back at the car I saw another garden plot. This is a public garden for avid gardeners who do not have their own land to toil.


  1. Alexander Says:
  2. That's a very lovely garden. Having a gazebo in the garden is always a great idea.

    Alex's World! -

  3. It looks very well done to me! Glad to see they are using the space well.

  4. What a delightful-looking spot, and a wonderful place for a stroll. You'e right about the unusually cool weather in ON this summer, or at least July. I wonder if we'll get slammed with heat and hmidity in Aug?! One good thing it did for Leamington is drastically cut back the spider population, and I'm all for anything that does that!

  5. Lorac Says:
  6. Alexander - Thanks for coming by. I love gazebos too.

    EG -Better than I expected. It is a very nice formal garden,and I do like a formal garden.

    Deborah - Here, here! Anything that helps with spiders is always great.

  7. betty-NZ Says:
  8. That looks like a very quaint place to be! Thanks for sharing.


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