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Posted by Lorac Saturday, 18 July 2009

I LOVE waterfalls! Natural, man made,whatever. I have always loved the cool rush of the water, the stars flying off the mist as the power of the falls reveals itself. Or it may be the musical trickle as the water from a small falls finds it's way to the lowland. Regardless, I love falls. I have captured a few too many in  my travels that I would like to share with you.

This was found on a back road not far from my place. I had just driven over the bridge. This is known as Silver Creek. An archaic arch, centuries old worn stone in the river bed, that when stepped on, is warm on the soles of the feet.

  On the other side of the road, a tinkling falls, one of the quiet ones. A small pool below filled with shades of tan and green.

I walked along, following the creek upstream. I thought I could get some pictures of some running water or wildlife and found this area to be a waterfall paradise. Multi-tiered, it flows gently, with just a whisper.

Changing directions, I went downstream and soon came upon this. The water chimed, a sing song as I walked along the banks of the creek. Water and water sounds calm me, lull me into further investigation.

 Further on, another treasure! Leopard frogs jump from the banks into the cool water. The pool has a sand bed and you could see the little minnows swimming about!

Still following this little creek.So lush, so green! Look at the ferns and the moss growing by the waters edge and onto the rocks into the creek.

 Silver Creek flows through the land well behind my property but down stream it comes out just down the road.The people who live close by have built up little water falls. In the pools are silvery minnows and lots of little green leopard frogs. None of them would oblige with a picture! I have seen a muskrat running along the banks as well. I drive past here almost every day and have seen it gently making its way to Lake Ontario, peaceful on a summers day or raging down stream, swollen and tipping over the banks with the spring melt of ice and snow.
This is a beautiful little river I found while I was just out backroading. I have never been able to find it again. I spent a few hours here following the stream and getting photos. I would love to go back! If any one recognizes it, let me know! It is north west of Georgetown and on the Escarpment.
It was a noisy river with a few smaller water falls as well. It opened up down river into a large pool. Look at the stone.Typical limestone of the escarpment. Much of this limestone has gone all over Ontario to build Parliament buildings, churches and houses.

Long shot of the same falls

This is in the town of St Mary's in southern Ontario. I spent a lot of time there, working and fell in love with the quaint little town. This is a huge river called the Thames River It flows west 273Kilometres (169 miles) through southwestern Ontario and  runs right through town.
This one, just outside of Bracebridge, is known as High Falls.
One of many Hollow River falls outside of Dorset, Ontario

Also Hollow River

Just a few for you to see! Hope you enjoy them as I do! To view a magnificent falls go into the archives and look for Kakabeka Falls.


  1. Jenn Jilks Says:
  2. Beautiful shots! So peaceful...

  3. Marju Says:
  4. Really beautiful photos!!

  5. Lori ann Says:
  6. I love waterfalls too, these are so pretty, I enjoyed this tour very much. You live in such a beautiful place!

  7. Delwyn Says:
  8. Lorac

    thank you for taking me to Silver creek - it is just beautiful - peaceful - Just rocks just water and just greenery - just perfect...

    Happy days

  9. Lorac Says:
  10. Jen - Thanks. One of my weaknesses!

    Marju - Hello and thanks for coming by!

    Lori ann- Thank you! It is a pretty diverse province as far as landscape goes. A little bit of everything except mountains!

    Delwyn - That's what I love about it too. It is just a little unpresumptuous creek that holds so much beauty!

  11. Marju Says:
  12. Thank you for your comments! The lower flower is Burning Love (Lychnis chalcedonica)

  13. So beautiful! This post reminded me of the many times my family visited Elora Gorge when we lived in Kitchener. My father loved the wild spaces in Ontario, so I learned to love them at a young age, as well. A few years ago I took my husband and children to many of the places I remembered from my childhood in Ontario. Thank you for reminding me of these happy times!

  14. Lorac Says:
  15. I love to go and walk around the town of Elora and visit the Gorge. It's pretty neat that you know all these spots.

  16. Connie Says:
  17. Absolutely beautiful! I love water... still water, rivers, falls, oceans.. and here I am, at a second desert post :D ah well, makes me appreciate water even more when I get to visit.

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