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Blue Monday

Posted by Lorac Monday, 31 August 2009

Lizzy at Lizzy Frizzfrock does a Blue Monday theme. I thought I would play along this Monday feeling rather blue myself!
This is a picture I took out back one night after a storm as the sun was setting.I played with it in my photo manager setting as it was rather bland. First I turned it into a water colour and then I added water spot to give it the look of a wet lens. It is pretty blue and I liked the effect. I always save a doctored picture separately to keep all originals.

This particular blue is intensified by the colour of the green Lilly pads. I like the contrast.

There is no blue like the powder blue of the sky on a fresh morning after a storm. Here is absolute freedom! Taking to the skies!
So go over and see Lizzy Frizzfrock and her Blue Monday! It's a blast from the past!


  1. Sahildeki Ev Says:
  2. When I first look at the photo, I was envious about the rain drops, as I never succeed in taking one like that. After reading I decided to try it myself.. Very good shot

  3. darsden Says:
  4. Gorgeous Pictures esp the the blue storm. I love the "after" parts of the storms as far as the sky goes the colors are intense and beautiful!

  5. Cheryl Cato Says:
  6. How fun! Thank you for mentioning my funny little Blue Monday feature.
    I love your "doctored" photo. Now that is blue! ... and I'm sorry you're feeling blue today, I hope your feelings improve. Lizzy

  7. Vicki ~ FL Says:
  8. Nice pictures....saw a comment you made on another blog regarding muchrooms growing out of a tree. You said your grandaughters drew on them...that is such a cool idea and a great medium to draw on.

  9. Lorac Says:
  10. Turquoise Diaries - It is so much fun to just play around with the pics. Just be sure to save an original!

    darsden - Thanks you! I think I may like doing a Blue Monday

    Lizzy - Thanks! I am sure "the blue" will pass. It is just all the red tape I am going through to get this new career training.

    Vicki - Than so much! We keep them at the cottage for "decoration". Fun for the girls to draw or even paint of they want. the underside is very soft and the top hard so you can even use a twig on the soft side to draw.

  11. Great pictures! Oh to fly free...and that storm one is totally awesome! Hope your Monday turned out to be less blue!

  12. I like all these themes I should try and join in some of these games. You picture of the water on the window pane is wonderful.

  13. Al Says:
  14. You mean the first photo was modified? Hmm not bad at all, I wouldn't notice if you didn't say so. Nice photos Lorac, Happy Monday!


  15. Lorac Says:
  16. Alicia - Do you know, the day did turn out better! Glad you liked the pics.

    Liss -Thank you! The themes are great for those tongue tied or incredibly busy days.

    Al - Thanks Al. Happy Monday to you too!

  17. Sahildeki Ev Says:
  18. Hi its me again. I have left you an award on my blog. However if it is not kind of your thing pls feel free to ignore..

  19. Sahildeki Ev Says:
  20. This comment has been removed by the author.  
  21. Lori ann Says:
  22. Such a pretty theme, I like the blue photos. I do hope your blue mood is gone now too!

  23. Linda Says:
  24. A great variety of blues, and so much else of interest in the shots.

  25. Lorac Says:
  26. Thanks Lori ann. It has dissipated somewhat with the warm weather!

    Linda- Glad you stopped by. Yes, I think I like Blue Monday!

  27. Lorac Says:
  28. Thanks Lori ann. It has dissipated somewhat with the warm weather!

    Linda- Glad you stopped by. Yes, I think I like Blue Monday!

  29. Sandra Says:
  30. I love them all, but who wouldn't like the last one. Wonderful.


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