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Moonlight confusion! Scenic Sunday

Posted by Lorac Sunday, 30 August 2009

Scenic Sunday
The weather has been cool and wet. I am starting to think it will be an early fall which won't be any big deal as we didn't get any summer! The last couple of nights have been quite chilly. I have had to go around and close the windows at night. I went out onto the back deck for a few minutes last night just to look around and breath in the fresh air as I do most nights. The geese have been joining together and the flocks are getting bigger every time I see them. They, and a bunch of ducks, are now flying by at night, coming from the creek and looking for a place to land and bed for the night. I like to watch and hear them go by. They make a lot of "communication noise" at this time of the year.
So it is a ritual to end the day by watching the sun go down and in this case the moon coming up. There was a lot of cloud moving by very quickly in the late evening sky last night. It was only a half moon and surprisingly bright. As the clouds wafted by the moon it was showing some unusual colours and patterns. Camera ever ready, I snapped a couple of pics. This first picture shows the half moon, but the other two....

 look like a full moon!
Not at all sure what would have caused this. Did think it was rather neat though.

Please go and see other Scenic Sunday entries. There are wonderful pics from all over the world!


  1. darsden Says:
  2. Oh beautiful pictures I would love to be able to shoot the moon. But I just have a regular lil digital camera and it doesn't do good at night. Great Shots!

  3. Cheryl Cato Says:
  4. This is very neat. I haven't seen "Scenic Sunday" before now, but I like it. I sort of started "Blue Monday" and "Funky Friday" at my site (just for my own entertainment), but any & all are welcome to participate.

  5. Lorac Says:
  6. Dar - I have a night setting on my camera and it is just a little digital too. The only thing is it takes a few seconds to take the shot so i put it on a tripod. Look for that setting.

    Lizzy - I just found it too. I will take a look at Blue Monday!

  7. Lindy Says:
  8. Nice shots! A free full moon when the rest of us only got half! LOL!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and your nice comment.

  9. Ann Says:
  10. Great Moon shots. I tried several times to photograph the moon, but they just don't look right, maybe I need a better camera.

  11. Wow, you have my admiration! I saw the moon like that here, too, but I knew my camera skills weren't up to capturing it. Wonderful mood shots!

  12. Lorac Says:
  13. Lyndy - Thanks for coming by! Love your photos and your blog.

    Ann - I was saying to Darsden to look for a night time setting on your camera. Mine is just a little digital too.

  14. Lorac Says:
  15. Deborah - Thanks so much. I found that I had to use a tripod after I messed up a bunch of shots.

  16. Ann Says:
  17. Thank you for your advice, I will look for a night setting. My camera is a Fujifilm Fine Pix F10You never know I might be get lucky and show off the moon from this side of the world yet.

  18. Al Says:
  19. Yes the night scene setting does a good job when taking photos of the heavenly bodies. I also took a photo of the moon but it ended to be oval in shape, but you captured it well.


  20. Guy D Says:
  21. I love those moonshots, well done.

    Regina In Pictures

  22. Lori ann Says:
  23. Those are beautiful, the moon never fails to look mysterious and alluring. Your deck sounds lovely, can you see the water from there too?

  24. Delwyn Says:
  25. Hi Lorac

    I haven't tried the night setting with the new camera yet and a tripod is something I need to invest in too...
    Our tides have been very low for 1/2 moon - what is happening???

    Happy days

  26. Unknown Says:
  27. What a beautiful part of the world you live in. Yes, I'm sure you are proud to be Canadian. And squirrels! Occasionally, we have a glimpse of one in a park, but not often. Lovely to share your photographs. Do you draw, paint? One of my favourite writers is Margaret Attwood, and in her work, she brings your country to vibrant life.

  28. karen Says:
  29. These are lovely moon photos, and I enjoyed the idea of the flocks of birds gathering...

    Oh, and the post about spellings (we do it the British way, here!) and the unusual rock picture and background info on you the rockhound!

  30. Jenn Says:
  31. Beauteous full moon you had there. Great captures!

  32. Anonymous Says:
  33. Very peaceful - the pictures and the sense of being close to nature; watching the geese and waiting for the moon.

  34. Lorac Says:
  35. Al - Thanks for dropping by Al and for leaving the nice comment

    Guy d - Thanks!

    Lori ann- It is nice on the deck. Could have been a lot nicer if not for all the rain this year, but weather is something we only wish we could control. The water or lake is at the cottage. These shots were taken form my permanent home. I do have a great backyard though that looks out over the forest on the escarpment.

  36. Lorac Says:
  37. Delwyn - I am not sure about the weather or the tides. It has been an unusual summer here all around and from the news I gather in most other places as well. In Canada it's as if our weather was switched for other provinces weather. For example, British Columbia is usually much cooler with temperatures in the 20-25 Celsius range. They get a lot of rain to being on the coast. This summer the temperatures have been 25-35 and next to no rain. Normally that is what we would see in Ontario but we seem to have their weather this year!

    Carole Anne- I used to paint but have been too busy in the past. I also do some work with digital graphics and am in the process of learning more. I also enjoy Margaret Attwood, she is brilliant.

  38. Lorac Says:
  39. Karen - Thank you so much! Also for going back into past posts and commenting. Have you ever wondered about the spelling of others when reading blogs or have you ever noticed? I am curious how others look at this too!

    Jenn- Thanks Jenn! Always good to see you come by!

    Kitty- Peaceful is a must right now! Loved your blog and the Lords and Ladies!

  40. Mary Says:
  41. Did you shoot this photo in Dorset? Maybe you could help me suggest cheap Holidays in Dorset for our family's long planned holidays.


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