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Boredom can drive you!

Posted by Lorac Monday, 17 August 2009

I was bored out of my mind yesterday, so, I went for a drive.We have actually received some summer weather, finally. It was hot and muggy and I don't have air conditioning so I thought a nice tour with my camera would alleviate the boredom and cool me off! I couldn't believe how crowded it was in some of the areas I went to. City dwellers coming up to beat the heat too! They were all over the river and the swimming spots. The result was, a lot of pics I would like to get, I couldn't as there was a car on my tail and no where to pull over safely. So I will return another time to these areas. All was not lost! I still managed a few nice shots.

This a rail trestle  in Georgetown. In the valley below is the Credit River and home to many animals, birds and fish. The trestle itself is a work of art. I have taken the train over this on my way to the city and always saw at least one deer!

A landmark I always see and think little of! It appears though, it is also in need of some repairs. What I spotted was workmen on the bridge and scaffolding going up one of the piers. It made me think of it's age and beauty I usually take for granted. As well there was rope dangling from the top to the bottom on other piers for inspectors to rappel down and inspect the piers. I would love that job! Hopefully the repairs will be enough and we won't loose this marvelous trestle.

 I have always wanted to get a pic of this but never had a camera when I passed it. It is in Norval, a little village right beside Georgetown. It is so unique in it's construction and location which is just a big field out in the middle of nowhere. I have always admired the architecture. It is a Ukrainian Catholic Church! It was hard to get a pic as they have used trees effectively for privacy.
A side view from the road.
The Credit River flows, with it's tributaries, 1,500 klm. It flows from above the Escarpment. I have for most of my life lived somewhere around the Credit. It was where I learned to skate with my parents, pushing a chair in front of me. It was where I swam as a youth and my children swam  on hot summer days with friends. It is a place to get on a inner tube in one town and float down through several other towns on a hazy lazy day summer day.

 Some areas are overgrown and wild, others open and inviting. There are small rapids to float on for a bit of thrill. Some of the small towns have dredged out the bottom to make swimming holes for the kids. It is named for a trading post at the mouth of the river that would give "credit" to the native fur traders in exchange for the fur pelts in the spring. The river flows into Lake Ontario.
Quaint historical tiny towns had old general stores (Cheltenham General Store) to browse and pubs (Glen Williams, Copper Kettle) to relax and have a meal.

Copper Kettle Pub

OK, a bit weird, but I love going through old cemeteries! There is so much history to see. This one is form 1823-1931. Pretty old by our standards. ( Enlarge and the date is on the stone.) This was locked so I couldn't stroll through, but I still thought it was a neat entry point.
Going down a back country lane, I spotted this rock fence. No mortar involved. Just painstaking placement rocks. It was beautiful! Enlarge the pic to do it justice. On the other end they were in the process of doing some repair.

I found this on my way back. Another example of incredible rock work. This stretches along a marsh and actually holds it in, only letting a small stream out. If you look closely you can see the bull rushes in behind.

While trying to get a shot, this little leopard frog found me! He was insistent that I take his picture. A bit full of himself if you ask me but a cutie all the same!

There were many birds of prey on this drive. Every time I stopped I saw them gliding through the sky, some times a family of them. They look so majestic in flight. As if there is no effort, it simply happens! I took a lot of pics but don't want to bore with the same looking photos over and over. I was in awe of how many I saw. It is good to know the population has increased.


  1. Reader Wil Says:
  2. Thanks to your boredom you offered us a splendid tour and beautiful photos. Your country has also a very old culture: The Indian culture of course! But thanks for your visit and kind comment.

  3. Well if my boredom led to this wonderful scenery..then here's to boredom! There is something about cemeteries that I find enticing..the aged headstones and the history of each resident wondering what their life was like. The Ukrainian church architecture is fabulous!

  4. Val Says:
  5. I so enjoyed that drive! i also love old cemeteries and reading all the headstones! and that dry stone walling, and the frog! and the train trestle, and the rivers and old pubs...oh just everything. thanks so much

  6. Ann Says:
  7. That was a grand drive, I think you should get bored more often, the photos are fantastic, I love the river and the old stone walls. The frog is green with envy.

  8. Lorac Says:
  9. Reader WIll - That is very true although most here do not know very much of the native heritage. I know some as my granddaughter is half Denee native and so I have made a point of discovering her heritage.

    Alicia- I am glad to hear I am not the only that finds cemeteries so interesting. I also wonder of their lives.

    Val Thank you so much for the very kind words! I am very glad you enjoyed!

    Ann - It is very possible that I will get bored again! It is the time of year too that does it to me. I get antsy at home and need to get out. I traveled a lot for work and now that I no longer work there I find the wanderlust is settling in. I also so enjoy discovering!

  10. Al Says:
  11. Hi Lorac,

    Thank you for the tour,it was very pleasant. It's the first time I saw a Catholic church with that architecture, I usually see them in old bricks,like you I also like going to old cemeteries, sounds creepy but it brings me back to old times and ponder how they were like when they are still alive.


  12. Lorac Says:
  13. Al- Thanks! I have never seen a wooden church either! It is beautiful though and fits right in with the surroundings.

  14. What a great tour of the area. Your boredom was pure fun for me. ;-)

  15. Lorac Says:
  16. EG Tour Guide - Thanks! It was fun for me! Cured the boredom!


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