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Posted by Lorac Wednesday, 19 August 2009

I have been insanely busy the last couple of days. I am trying to get the Second Career Training offered by the government. I am beginning to think that they only offer it knowing 99% will drop out prior to getting the funding due to the length of time to it takes to get appt's and and all the frustration that goes with it. (I am dealing with government here!) Not to mention that this is for laid off workers, so funds for me are severally crippled right now and I am not making ends meet. I suspect a lot of people give up waiting simply because they can't afford it. When I was first laid off I was devastated. Then I found out about Second Career. I had hope! The idea is, since the economy is in bad shape and certain sectors are not hiring due to lack of work, the government offers training to help you get back into the work force and preferably out of their (the governments) hair for good. So, the problem is, that since there are so many people that were laid off and can't get rehired in their old line of work the system is jammed. It takes 1 1/2 to 2 months to get appt's and then they just refer you to other agencies. I feel like a yo-yo! I have gone back and forth so much! Now, I am glad they don't make the application too easy, so that people don't apply on  whim with no real intentions but they have made it down right ridiculous! I am really frustrated with the whole thing! Getting acceptance into colleges only to find that they are full and the next available spaces in their courses are next spring-summer or next fall. Being steered the wrong way by government employees so it is even more time consuming. So, frustration abounds!

I want to leave on an upbeat today so here is a little poem to lift up the tone of my ramblings with something a little brighter!

"Wayward Blossom"
A pink blossom falls
From a silver tree
It' petals so light
It blows to the sea
Sun above is bright and bold
Shimmering beauty, resembling gold
Like a song on the wind
This blossom danced on
On top of a sea breeze
It was carried along
Onto a near hillside
So in the next spring
Another silver tree
That blossom will bring.


  1. Jenn Jilks Says:
  2. The good news is that Americans are buying cars again, and they are going to reopen some more plants.

    Beautiful poem. I am pressed with your poem and your positive spirit!

  3. Don't you wonder how these incompetent government workers got their jobs and manage to hold onto them? It's the same everywhere, it seems. I've been looking for work here in the States for quite a while with no success, too. It's frustrating, alright.

    I wish you well in your search, and hope the situation improves for you soon.

    At least you have National Health Care.

    Thanks for the poem - it was lovely.

  4. karen Says:
  5. Good luck, it sounds like a typical government scenario! Lovely poem.

    I'm still trying to finish looking at yesterdays' post - my connection is slow, so only half the photos have loaded so far! Looking forward to seeing the rest of them soon, and thanks for sharing your scenic drive!

  6. We have a similar scheme here but I don't know how much red tape is on it. Good Luck I hope the process speeds up for you.

  7. Sandra Says:
  8. It's a tough time for so many people. Let's hope there is a turn around sooner rather than later. You seem to be keeping your spirits up. A very lovely poem, btw.

  9. Ann Says:
  10. Lovely blossoms and a very lovely poem to go with them.

  11. Lorac Says:
  12. Jenn - Thank you! My Mom always said "Try to keep your pecker up!" Now, she is British, so it means a little different there. So I try!

    Angela - Glad you enjoyed it! I have been reading a lot lately about health care in the USA. Best of luck!

    Karen - Thanks! I don't write as often as I used to but once in a while a poem pops through.

    HI Liss! - Thanks for that. We will see! I just can't believe how slow it is!

    Sandra - You hit the nail on the head. It is hard for lots of folks. Here's to a better economy!

    Ann - Thank you!


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