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Watery Wednesday

Posted by Lorac Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Watery Wednesday

 I have always loved this photo of the old bridge supports reflected in the emerald green of this river.

I love all waterfalls! Big or small. This one caught my attention with it's silver water streamers!

This waterfalls I have never been able to find again. It was just off a back road and came from a lovely little fresh river. It made a great roar of water flowing over for a little falls.

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  1. Martha Z Says:
  2. Great shots and even better when I enlarged them.

  3. Carletta Says:
  4. These are gorgeous shots!
    I love the reflections of the supports and the trees and sky - lovely colored water.
    I love your waterfalls too! The roar of the water is definitely music to my ears.

    If you love waterfalls I invite you to come see my post should you have time. I posted a waterfall as well. :)

  5. Jim Says:
  6. Spectacular scenery.
    Sydney - City and Suburbs

  7. happyone Says:
  8. Beautiful series of water shots.

  9. EJ Says:
  10. The second shot is amazing!

    Check out swimming with the kids.

  11. Lindy Says:
  12. These are so beautiful. Like them all!

  13. Marie Says:
  14. I can easely understand why you like the first shot so much. Your other photos are great too. Thanks for sharing :-)

  15. eileeninmd Says:
  16. Wonderful scenery and reflections on the first photo, and I love the waterfalls. Great WW post.

  17. This is a nice set of s hots. The reflection in the first shot is rather calming compered to the movement of the waterfall shots. They complement each other really well.

  18. Lorac Says:
  19. Martha -Thanks so much!

    Carletta- I will come over and take a look! Thanks!

    JBar- Thank you!

    Karen- I think I like this Watery Wednesday!

    Joops -Ah shucks, you just like water sailor! Thanks a bunch.

    Lindy- Really glad you liked them!

    Marie- Thanks. Glad others can see it!
    Eileen- Two of my favorite types. Waterfalls and reflections!

    Liss- Thank you. Had fun posting them.

  20. I find waterfalls very appealing too.

    It's very frustrating when you discover a beautiful spot, then cannot find it again!

  21. Joe Todd Says:
  22. Always an enjoyable visit

  23. Ladynred Says:
  24. These are gorgeous shots. love reflection on the water!

  25. Judy Says:
  26. You are really covering all the bases! three different moods of the water, and all wonderful photos!!!

  27. Lori ann Says:
  28. I love waterfalls too, there is something so magical about them.
    I loved all your posts on Halloween!

  29. Lori ann Says:
  30. I forgot to say what a beautiful reflection, you really captured it!

  31. Lorac Says:
  32. EG- It certatinly Is!

    Joe- Thank you Joe!

    Ladynred - Thanks for visiting!

    Judy- Great you could visit Judy. Thanks!

    Lori ann- Thanks for coming by Lori an!. Glad you liked the Halloween posts.

  33. ~Cheryl Says:
  34. Wonderful series of sky watching! "Cotton candy" is the perfect description. Have a wonderful weekend!


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