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Fog on the lake

Posted by Lorac Monday, 4 May 2009

When I was at the cottage for the summers with my Mom and brother I spent 50% of my time in my little runabout boat. My first boat was so wide I swear it was untippable and I only had a 3HP on it so needless to say it was very slow. My first outings where only around the bay so my parents could watch me to make sure I could handle the boat and myself. Once I was up to their standards I was allowed to go a bit further into the bays off our bay.

It was though, my only source of travel. The only way to go anywhere on the lake was by boat. There was no road into our cottage and still isn't. Of course being new to the lake, to make friends, I had to boat around. I did make some great friends around the peninsula over the years. Slowly putting along in my little boat. I would go to one friends and then we would go get other friends and all go to the government docks and swim, sunbath,and listen to Rock and Roll on little portable radios. When we became bored we would go off to someones cottage to play games, or records or just raid their fridge!
I got to know the lake pretty well.

I remember in our group there was a girl that lived at the head of the lake, 12 miles away, so we didn't see her very often. I quite liked her and she said there wasn't anyone to be friends with where she was. I hadn't seen her in quite awhile and wondered where she was. I decided to take my boat up to where she lived and find out why she had not been around. I was not allowed to boat that far away so I told my parents some story to make them feel secure about my whereabouts and started off, with extra gas on my trip to the upper lake .This was going to take along time! Remember I only had a 3 HP at this time. I was a beautiful day and I started early. I was really enjoying my trip and feeling so adventurous and just a little bit naughty.I left at 8:30 and got there around noon. Sitting on the dock was my friend. She looked so sad! I pulled up and she started to laugh at me! She said"You are absolutely crazy coming this far in that boat!". I agreed and laughed too! We had a long conversation that day. It seems her Dad was in a foreign country and worked for Alcan Aluminum. That country had just started a civil war and they could not contact her Dad any more. They did not know where he was. The family was really upset. It had been two weeks since they had last heard from him. She was really glad to have some company that day and I was glad to be the company. I hoped I had made her at least feel that she had friends she could call on.

Going home was a different story all together. On our lake the weather can change quickly and as my friend and I talked the sunny day departed and a drizzling rain had taken it's place. No big deal I thought. I had been out boating in the rain before and it was warm. When I got about half way home the fog rolled in thick and heavy! Now when you go boating on a lake the way you know where you are is with landmarks. If you can't see the landmarks it becomes pretty tricky! (Picture courtesy Of Mike Baum}

I was scared but I was determined to get home as I didn't want to get into trouble! I remembered my Dad had said that if the weather was bad stay close to and follow the shore line. I was afraid I might hit a rocky area or a dead head (partially submerged log). I had to stop to put more gas in the motor so I pulled over into the shoreline and tied up to a overhanging tree. It's funny how sound travels especially when its foggy. I could hear people right across the bay talking and it sounded like they were right beside me. This actually made me feel a little better. When I was gassed up I continued my journey home, slowly following the shore lines. I made it home safely, late for dinner and exhausted. It took me in all 4 hours to get back. My parents were beside themselves when it turned foggy. There were no phones to phone other parents with and ask if I was there. So when I returned they were just very happy I was safe. I never did tell them that I had gone up the lake that far. Kept it my little secret! Until now!

Question: Is any one else a cottager and if so at what age did you start boating?


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