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Pardon My Tardiness!

Posted by Lorac Friday, 22 May 2009

I know that all you fellow bloggers write religiously every day (or so) and I haven't written a thing since my lament on not going to the cottage for the long weekend. Suffice it to say I have been involved. Involved in putting together a new (huge) BBQ that has a (million) lot of parts and very little in the directions on where to put them. Involved in getting my extremely old lawn tractor to work properly. Involved with fighting off the blackflies as I do all this (I have bites from here to there). Involved with re-arranging my living room. Involved with treating my "Nasty Black Cat" as directed by his Vet and so on and so on. So no more procrastination! On with the blog....

I have decided to write down 20 things I love about the cottage and I invite you to tell me about your experience with a cottage. It could be your cottage, or a rented/borrowed cottage or a stay with friends. What did you like best about being at a cottage? The call of the Loons? The seclusion? The family/friends you shared it with? Every one looks differently at a cottage getaway. In many countries cottages are a way of life. Tell me your tale on Cottage Life.

Things I love about the Cottage!

  1. The night sky so filled with stars.
  2. The smell of a fire burning in the fire pit
  3. The smell of the very fresh air
  4. Waking up in the morning in my little cottage bedroom
  5. Being alone, the only company being the chipmunks and the little red squirrels
  6. Being with family, everyone helping out with the chores
  7. The White Paper Birch trees down by the lake
  8. Hummingbirds that come to the feeders
  9. The family of ducks that swim by the dock looking for handouts
  10. Laying on the dock and looking into the water at the little bass that swim around
  11. A cool swim on a hot summers day.
  12. Rain scent-hint of dust mixed with wet vegetation
  13. Watching my grand daughters fish
  14. Getting up before anyone else and having a coffee on the patio overlooking the lake
  15. Reading a book on a lounge on the same patio
  16. Proudly showing newbies to the cottage "Our Lake"
  17. Going for a fast boat ride, alone, wind whipping in my hair
  18. Rainy , must stay inside all cuddled up with a good book days
  19. Looking for and finding the paw prints of animals that have been around in our absence
  20. Thanksgiving weekend, turkey cooking, fall colours, crisp air

Summer Star on Kawagama Lake!

Two of my Sons burning the log settee they made. (Yes they got off it in time!)

Building the flag stone patio

Time to start the bonfire

Son starts a mean bonfire!

Two local friends looking for handouts

Reflections of Autumn colour!

Grand daughters Kamisha and Kiandra fishing with Dad (Jason)

Kiandra giving her best fish face!

Grand daughter Kamisha with the family dog Harley

1 Responses to Pardon My Tardiness!

  1. Just Jules Says:
  2. great pictures.

    thank you for identifying the flower for me.


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