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Oh.. whoa is me!

Posted by Lorac Saturday, 16 May 2009

I am sad! I didn't get to go up to the cottage for the long weekend. What we call the "May Two Four" in Ontario. Better known as the Victoria Day weekend, the Queen Victoria's B'Day. A very traditional weekend that is the unofficial start to the summer and when most of us open up our cottages.
I didn't go, as there was no one else to go. Now normally this is no big deal. Except on the first weekend because the boat is on the shore. Which means that one needs to get a water taxi to go over. Normally this is trip is one way as we would then put the boat in the water and boat back to the marina. This is not a chore I can do alone. Older son got a wonderful bonus from his boss to go to a spiffy resort for the weekend so he took his family there. Younger son and girlfriend were invited to a friends cottage with "The Gang" for his B'day party. Hmm.. probably a lot more fun than going up to the cottage with "Mother". Can't say I blame him! So.. No cottage this long weekend.

And then there is the "Nasty Black Cat"problem. Our 15 1/2 year old cat Buster who was so nick named as he would sooner bite you than look at you for his first few years with us. Very lucky he was a good mouser. He came to us as an abused stray. It took years but he bit less and less and kissed more. He still bites, just "Love Bites" now. Any way he is old and arthritic and has fluid problems so I need to give him subcutaneous fluids and meds. He can't be left on his own any more. He also hates cars so he doesn't travel. I had no cat sitter. So no cottage.

I was alone and bored so decided to take a trip around the yard with my other kitty, Cleo, close on my heals. One bonus for staying here. I almost always miss the Crab Apple tree in my front yard blooming a I usually go to the cottage when it starts to bloom and sure as the sky is blue, it will pour rain and wreck all the flowers before I get back. This time I caught it!

Notice the dark sky in the left corner of the pic. It is going to rain imminently. So taking these pics gave me an idea. I would take pics of what was blooming or almost blooming in my yard and gardens. Taking pictures always makes me feel better and so does checking on things growing in my yard. So, here are the results, so far. Next up was to see what was coming up in the garden. There was a parrot tulip that I never planted. Courtesy of my neighbourhood squirrel I think. But it is such a unique colour. The irises are almost there. These ones smell like grape!

The buds on the spruce trees are beautiful. This Blue spruce and the general spruce are lush with new growth!

The flowering Japanese Lilac will open in the next couple of days. Amazing aroma from these.The bees just flock to them.

The back yard is large with white pines, apple trees, a few spruce and at the back of the yard, just into the bush a thorn tree. The flowers on this are very pretty and smell really sweet! I have 4 apple trees that are ancient. I never have pruned them to get fruit, just have kept them for the spring show of flowers and the greenery they provide.

This little Chick-a-dee and I spoke for some time. I have a spruce in the back which is not a species of spruce I have ever been able to identify. It's a really neat spruce with tons of cones every year. The Honey Suckle is just coming out in bloom. Very fragrant!

Looking off from the backyard into the distance I can't believe how green everything is getting again. This is Mustard, just a weed really, but I love the colour.

It was a cool wet day and it has ended with a beautiful sunset and quite cold temperatures. They are even calling for snow in cottage country! Maybe it is not so bad being here. At least it is not supposed to snow!

Have a great weekend everyone! I am calling it a day!

1 Responses to Oh.. whoa is me!

  1. betty-NZ Says:
  2. Sometimes, things are blessings in disguise, or times to learn to make the best of what you have. If my yard were as big as yours, I don't believe I would ever leave! We have 1/4acre and it is full of life. I take a walk around it several times a day and love to take photos of all the wonderful things I find!
    Thank you for the tour of your place!


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