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Ahh.... Wood fires!

Posted by Lorac Monday, 4 May 2009

Does anyone like the smell of a wood fire?

Do you like marshmallows roasted to a perfect brown crust over that same wood fire?
Who named marshmallows, marshmallows?

I have allows loved the smell of a wood fire. At home and at the cottage there is a fireplace inside and a fire pit outside. When I was a child, growing up in an older tree neighborhood and walking around in the fall when everyone was burning the leaves and branches was pure bliss. If I am driving down the road and smell a wood fire I will open my window wider so I can smell the smoke.
Yes... I am a Wood smoke smell addict!! The smell of wood smoke is comfort. It is curling up with a good book on a rainy day by the fire, it is having friends over for a bonfire, it is coming in to its aroma after ski-dooing and knowing your can "Toast your buns" by the fire. It never fails to make me feel calm and warm and fuzzy.

Now as for the marshmallows....
Marshmallows were around in ancient Egypt. Then it was mostly honey that was thickened and flavoured with the root sap of the marsh mallow, so named as it was found in marshes. This was all mixed together with nuts and served as candy.
In France store owners would spend huge amounts of time whipping the Marsh Mallow rootsap by hand. The mixture would then go into a mold.
19th century Doctors would prescribe Marshmallows as a cough suppressant. The Marsh Mallow sap would be whipped into a meringue that was used to soothe children s sore throats.
Marsh mallows are no good for that now as we use gelatin to make them instead of the marsh mallow sap.

Does any one like the smell when it first starts raining?


  1. Just Jules Says:
  2. Did not know that about marshmellows! We have a fire pit out back and I have been meaning to get it going every evening - but I have been tired and the temps drop too quickly still.

  3. Lorac Says:
  4. We have bonfires all year but you really do need to dress for them! I have had some of my most memorable times around the fire pit.

  5. i hav tried roasted marshmellow and many more on wood fire
    they really taste nice :)

    Lovely blog! :)


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