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Boating Maniacs?

Posted by Lorac Sunday, 3 May 2009

I spent summers at the cottage with my Mom and brother from 11 years old until 15 years old. Dad came up on weekends and for a week or two holidays. My Dad started to teach me how to run a small outdoor motor boat the first summer by letting me sit in the back with him and steer. As we went up or down the lake he explained the rules of boating but what I heard the most from him was about boating etiquette. An etiquette to be followed that was just good boating sense!
When you pass other boaters you were expected to wave a friendly "Hello". If you saw another boat in distress, broken down or out of gas, you went to them and offered your help to tow them into shore or the marina. When passing canoes one would slow right down to a snails pace so as not to swamp {tip over} the occupants of the canoe. Sail boats ALWAYS had the right of way. Never, ever drive too close to peoples docks and if you had to, slow down so the waves from your boat don't dangerously rock their moored boats at their docks and wave politely.
When you go boating it is important to remember that people go to their cottages for rest and relaxation. They do not want excessive noise or waves. There were other little subtleties, like when you went to visit a friend, helping them bail a boat after a rain storm or going out and fetching lost balls and beach toys that got away with the wind and returning them. In general just being a good neighbor! This way was harmonious for all.

Now to get to the point, who raised the idiots that inhabit the lakes now a days?
Rude, inconsiderate boaters! Not just inconsiderate but boating belligerent! There is no etiquette, no understanding of the rules of boating for these individuals. Hell no! Just the quest for personal fun,fun,FUN!
My docks and boats have been damaged from boaters coming in too close and going to fast. They have put the family, when swimming, at danger. Oh and the noise from those PWC's (Jet ski's}. Must you run around in circles jumping over you own waves over and over again? Weren't those things made for the ocean? And if you must run them around and around at least go into the big part of the lake, where the noise is not an issue, not our little bay. I've had boaters go between me and the bank while I was fishing in that direction. Just because a boat isn't moving, doesn't mean you can ignore what they are doing. I taught my children as I was taught, to respect the lake and it's inhabitants.

Statistics show that the majority of boat operators who get into accidents have never taken any boating safety or boat handling courses.
There is a boating course to learn the rules and you must pass a test to get a Watercraft license, that is the law in Canada. I can see that very few of these "New boaters" have indeed taken the course or passed the test.
What was once just considered etiquette, much of this is now in fact the law. I don't see many law abiding boaters any more!

Question: Do other people find the same issues as I on boating manners on the lakes?


  1. J. Farmer Says:
  2. All I can say is that I cant agree more!! If the lakes just had a bit more police presence, perhaps these idiots would get there own. My biggest beef are the guys doing 150km across the lake with big rooster tails in their speed boats... Isnt there a limit?

  3. Lorac Says:
  4. There should be more Police presence. I know times have changed but when did consideration for others go out of style?

  5. Crystal Says:
  6. I completely agree as well, going to the cottage should be enjoyable for all! When you are at the lake be considerate of your neighbors, do onto others as you would appreciate done to you. If your don't want your boats & docks destroyed by wakes slow down! If you would like quiet a nice quiet fishing spot respect others, quiet fishing spots. You get the idea.


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