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At Home When at the Cottage

Posted by Lorac Friday, 17 July 2009

 I gaze out upon the water,
And feel home, 
Surrounding me,
Enveloping me,
Loving me,
As I do it. 
Peace and tranquility,
The water gives to me, 
A place to belong.


  1. Naturegirl Says:
  2. Beautiful poem and image!Perfect!

  3. Jenn Jilks Says:
  4. Lovely poem.

  5. Louise Says:
  6. AHHHHHHHH,is right.

  7. Jeri ~ Says:
  8. Such a pretty shot, tranquil indeed!

  9. Delwyn Says:
  10. Hi Lorac
    and we can see why you feel this way...

    I can't imagine not being by the water now that I have lived here for 25 years.

    Lovely lines and view Lorac...

    Happy days

  11. Mark Kreider Says:
  12. Beautiful photos of beautiful country. I liked the posting on Kawagama Lake. I can see that the water means as much to you as it does to us and in so many ways. We're about to trail our boat to the Mattituck Inlet for a half day on the Long Island Sound. Fish for dinner!

  13. Lorac Says:
  14. Naturegirl - Thank you for your kind comment! Can't live without the water!

    Jen - Thanks. I was inspired by the lake.

  15. Lorac Says:
  16. Louise - You got it! I just melt when I am there!

    Jeri - I sit and gaze out at the lake and a calmness just overcomes me.

  17. Lorac Says:
  18. Delwyn -Thank you1 So right too about the water. Strange how it integrates itself into your very soul!

    mkreider - Thanks for dropping by! I will come over and have a read on your blog. What kind of fish will you catch there? I love fishing!

  19. Cedar Says:
  20. Lorac,.. you GOT it, the peace of being at the cabin/camp. Thanks for stopping by my blog, it gave me a trail to follow to come back to visit yours. Nice job, loved the video! I'll be back again.

  21. Carolyn Says:
  22. There is nothing like being close to nature and the the water and inparticular tidal water is so calming. Your words are beautiful. Thanks for stopping by and the picture of Gen and her crazy face IS her wedding day so these pics are for the grandkids!!!!
    Smiles and blessings

  23. Lorac Says:
  24. Cedar - Thanks for dropping by! I loved your site!

    Carolyn - Oh that's great! So nice to hear that ones kids are getting on well! Thank you for the kind comments.

  25. Marju Says:
  26. Yes thistle:)
    Excuse poor language skills, I can only Google translate!


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