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Nightmare on Elm Street!

Posted by Lorac Thursday, 2 July 2009

I am out of sorts today! I have an appointment in Toronto with a specialist tomorrow. I hate going to the city. I am not good with transit since I have always lived in the country so I will have to drive in to the hospital. This also means I have to find parking. I have never been to this hospital or this part of the city before. The directions say that you need to make a left hand turn onto Elm street but that between 7am and 5 pm you cannot so to go to the next street up, make a u-turn and come back to Elm street! Elm Street! Isn't that the place where nightmares begin.? See I am not even there yet and it is a nightmare! Wholly crap!

This lovely hospital, Mt Sinai, sent me the directions.They also state that they are readily accessible by car, train, subway or street car. Just a 25 minute stroll up the road from the train station! Or you can take the subway which you have taken exactly twice in your life and got lost both times and there you are. Crap! I will drive and take my chances.

This is a Urodynamic Investigative Unit. Sounds like the frigging CSI. They sent me a letter stating why they have this unit. OK. Thanks for that. They also gave me directions on what I am supposed to do before I come in. Like drink 80 gallons of water before hand and OH NO! Please do not void as it will screw up our results! They state that on your first visit you will be examined and assessed. Cool but they don't tell you exactly what examinations are going to take place.

They tell what may take place. Cystometry, cystoscope, Urethoscopy, ultrasounds, x-rays and so on.But DO NOT EMPTY BLADDER! They tell you to come early so you can get a little plastic card from the hospital. They tell you they will want to take your blood pressure, pulse and weigh you in when you first arrive. That is after standing in line to get the damn card. Huh! Remember that 25 minute stroll they wanted me to take? This is all still on a full bladder. And lets not forget that it takes an hour to drive to there! Crap, crap and double crap! But they state the Doctor will want to examine you with a full bladder. It's not enough that I am stressed to the max just driving in there or that I don't know what they are going to do to me, I have to do it all on a full bladder! Wholly crap!


  1. Jelica Says:
  2. Good luck with finding parking place and keeping that bladder full...

  3. Hmmm. Full bladder. looking for parking? Good Luck!

  4. Delwyn Says:
  5. Lorac

    I wish you well for this trying day...It's making me feel like a visit to the bathroom...

    Happy Days

  6. Sandra Says:
  7. OMG, how did it go? With my bladder that would have been a no-go.

  8. Lori ann Says:
  9. I was laughing, but I sympathize with you, that sounds awful! you poor thing. I hope you made it through ok!

  10. VioletSky Says:
  11. Oh, you are too funny - though I know with gritted teeth behind the laugh! So... how did you make out?


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