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It's Magical!

Posted by Lorac Monday, 24 August 2009

On the way there was much to see. It was about a 2 hour drive to get there so we knew we didn't want to do much stopping en route as we wished to spend as much time as possible when we got there. In the truck were my older son, my two granddaughters and I. We wanted to take the girls on a bit of an adventure, and do something to wear off some energy. It was a bit of a grey day so I was hoping all would go well.

We passed wind turbines,
 Amazing sculptures in wood,

and a heritage building being rebuilt after a fire.
After a short stop to get cheese, bread and fruit, we arrive at our starting Point!

After a 1/2 hour walk on a trail through the forest, we see Georgian Bay!
A walk North along the limestone rock beach.  In the distance you can see "Bear's Rump island!
The formation of the limestone cliffs and rocks are interesting. Makes climbing fun!
A cliff stops travelers who are unwilling to climb or swim. Not us though!Over we go.
We scale to the top and have a wondrous view to the left,
And  also back were we came from.

Not many people continue from here unless they are hiking. Many stay back by the beach to swim. But I know a secret! A place that is private and magical for swimming!
You can see the towering cliffs in the background. The Bruce Hiking Trail runs along the top of it. Trees will send out tenacious roots into any little crevice they can find and cling to the side of the limestone.
Not only trees but "periwinkle" coloured wild flowers as well. This was over the edge of a huge rock, growing in a tiny crevice.
Finally we come around the bend and under a huge boulder and...
Just look at the colour of that water! This is due to the white limestone in the water. So clear, the bottom looks only a few feet deep where it is actually very deep. The skies have cleared. It is warm, sunny and wonderful! Even Harley, the family dog, gets in on the swim.
 But wait! You thought I forgot didn't you! The "What is it?" picture. I will show you the rest of it!
It was an amazing limestone cave roof! I know, a bit unfair, not something one could really guess too readily! Unless, you to have been to Halfway Log Dump, Georgian Bay, Lake Huron.


  1. betty-NZ Says:
  2. Thanks for letting us tag along! Looks like you saw some amazing sights!

  3. What a lovely excursion - and the places you took photos of seemed to be totally yours to enjoy - no crowds! Nice to be able to cap off a hike with a swim. Love the cave!

  4. Lorac Says:
  5. Bettyl- It is such a neat place!

    Bonnie - Once we got past the first big climb we only saw a couple of other people just passing through.

  6. What a gorgeous place! I can't believe the blue of that inviting!

  7. Lorac Says:
  8. Alicia - It's pretty cool until you have been in awhile, but that is the most refreshing!

  9. Delwyn Says:
  10. Hi Lorac

    what wonderful blue water - it must have been deliciously refreshing after your climb over the top...

    Happy days

  11. karen Says:
  12. How beautiful! Thanks for taking us along on your walk - I especially love the blue of that water... and those views!

  13. It is torture seeing those pictures and not having a chance to jump in to the lake.

  14. Jenn Jilks Says:
  15. Marvellous virtual trip, but then you guys get around. I love Algonquin, Lake Superior Parks, and glad you liked My Muskoka photos.

    Great post!

  16. Lorac Says:
  17. Delwyn -The water is so clean and clear! It is rather chilly to get into, but once in it's wonderful

    Karen- The blue water is due to the white limestone. It looks almost tropical!

    LGS - Sorry!It was marvelous!

    Jenn - Ontario has so much to offer!

  18. The water looks beautiful what a great place to end up after a neat walk and climb fun rock formations.

  19. Lorac Says:
  20. Liss- It was a great day! Thanks for visiting!

  21. Jelica Says:
  22. fantastic pictures! the landscape is stunning.

  23. Lorac Says:
  24. Jelica -Than you. It is really beautiful there.

  25. Maithri Says:
  26. How awesome!

    I've gotta say the 'bears rump' made me chuckle...but then i am 11lol ;)

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful hidden treasure with us all,

    Peace and love to you all,


  27. Sahildeki Ev Says:
  28. You have some beautiful photos there. Water looks great..

  29. Val Says:
  30. that was beautiful thanks - was the water very cold? or warm? beautiful country

  31. photokerstin Says:
  32. lovely photos!

  33. I have always wanted to go to the Georgian Bay! Thanks for taking me there!! Beautiful!

  34. Unknown Says:
  35. What a lovely place to live, and really enjoyed seeing your family and those beautiful photographs.
    I'm amalgamating my two websites, just sent off my next book to the printers and under pressure to complete the second, so better just to have the one blog. If you would like to join me at, I'd love to see you there, shall be continuing what I began on The Magic of Childhood on that site. Kind regards, Carole.

  36. Lorac Says:
  37. Maithri - How nice to hear form you!We actually all chuckled when we heard the Bears Rump as well!

    Turquoise - Thanks for coming by!

    Val- The water was quite cool but once you were in for a bit it was really nice!

    photokerstin - Thank You! It sells itself this place!

    O Joy - If ever you get the chance -GO! You won't regret it.

    Carole Anne - Thanks so much! I will be by your "new" blog for sure!

  38. Anonymous Says:
  39. hey guys, not sure if anyone is still reading this thread. anyhow i live south of where you were visiting on the bruce peninsula. and yes it is beautiful around here , however it is not an ideal place for most to live, year round anyway. Work of any kind from low end to professionals , it is more difficult to get employment here that would be sufficient for most people. So if you can run a business out of your home or the like it might be for you. The winters are extremely harsh here with usual extremely heavy snowfall in the winter months. Nearest "city" is Owen Sound where youd find most anything you might want... but not everything. On the plus side it is only 2-3 hours from Toronto. Yes its beautiful, but life can be harsh here too.


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