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TaDa! SkyWatch Friday!

Posted by Lorac Friday, 14 August 2009

So it is Friday once again! This summer is just flying by and we have hardly seen any summer. Now the readers out there are probably getting tired of my bellyaching about all the rain and cooler (about 10-15 degrees Celsius cooler) than normal temperatures but we live in a climate where we don't see a lot of warmth, only for 4-5 months of the year, May, June, July, and August. September can be warm but no guarantees there and the way things are going this year I rather doubt it. So you see summer is almost gone and 80% was wet and cool. Soon the winds will be colder, the snow will start to fly and cover my world in white. Well, in late October, early November the snow will begin. But that is too soon when we don't have a scorching hot summer to complain about and wish for a little coolness in out lives! C'est le vie! Such is Life!So to at least celebrate life I bring you SkyWatch Friday Photos!

This is an old mill in Rockwood, a town not far from here. On a spring walk I noticed the very blue sky that day is reflected in the water. Coupled with the bleached white of the old limestone and the green lawn behind I found this quite attractive.
The Town of St. Mary's is a striking little town full of beautiful old stone homes and buildings. This limestone structure across the water and the reflection of it in the water caught my eye. It was a beautiful day and the blue green waters were still.

I taught courses all over Canada. This motel I was staying at which was out in the country, had lovely grounds. I love the making of stars in the water and the clouds seemed to center just right for me to take a pic!

While driving down a back country road this scene stopped me in my tracks. I just had to get a photo of the proverbial white picket fence.

It has been a bad year for farmers trying to get a couple of dry days in a row to harvest hay and straw for the animals.

This was taken on one of my many forays out into the country back roads . This is called Grand View Rd. I think it is obvious why! This a view of Toronto from afar. If you enlarge it you can see the CN Tower in the city.

Very soon here it will be Autumn. I took this last year while walking in the forest.The sky is reflected in the water and the shadow of the small tree above shows the colourful fall leaves already fallen

Following closely behind will be winter with skies so blue after blanketing us with snow!

Brr.... I think I will end on that note and head on outside. Although a cooler summer it is still a lot warmer that that! Not much time left to enjoy. Please go to SkyWatch Friday Blog to see other wonderful posts and hosts!


  1. Louise Says:
  2. I totally understand your "bellyaching." OUR winter is cold; Icannot begin to imagine yours. Love your photos. I think the autumn one with the little pool is my favorite.

  3. Lucia Says:
  4. Yikes! Snow! Beautiful the fields of gold!

  5. April Says:
  6. Beautiful scenery and skies! The summer is indeed flying by, and already I can feel "fall" in the air.

  7. your pictures are so good. I like how you think outside the box. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Lorac Says:
  9. Louise -Thanks for listening! That is also my favorite pic!

    Lucia - Thanks for dropping by and your kind comment.

    April - I know! It is kind of depressing! Who knows, maybe it will be a great fall!

    Texasnascarcowgirl - Wow! What a moniker! Thank you for coming to look at my blog and for you kind words.

  10. Unknown Says:
  11. Hi Thanks for popping over to my blog and deciding to follow me!I love your photos - what a beautiful place you live in.See you soon. S

  12. Jenn Jilks Says:
  13. Wonderful, wonderful photos! I am so behind in my blogging with the kids here. Thanks for sharing your shots.

  14. Irene Says:
  15. I love your pictures of the seasons and comments. Particularly the maple leaves...

  16. Delwyn Says:
  17. Hi Lorac

    that was a lovely range of pictures. I'm sorry you are slipping into autumn -fall, without feeling the sting of summer...

    Happy days

  18. Lorac Says:
  19. Sarah - Good to see you! I will be back to check out more of your posts.

    Jenn - But it is so lovely to have that kind of busy! Glad you like the shots.

    Irene Toh- Thank you! You are very kind to say so!

    Delwyn - Who knows! We may have a nice fall and that is my favorite time of the year, it is just usually too short!

  20. Al Says:
  21. Hi Lorac, first of all, I would like to thank you for dropping by and leaving comment on my blog. I read you said something about the location of the windmills...honestly I dont have any idea. I am just a tourist who had came all the way there to see the much talked about windmills. They were the first which was built in the Philippines, I suggest you to read this
    to know more about it.


  22. Lorac Says:
  23. Al- Thanks Al, I will check it out!

  24. I love the autumn leaves in the puddle. And delete that snowy picture you naughty woman (though it is lovely) - I'm not ready to see that yet!

  25. Jim Says:
  26. So many great shots.
    Sydney - City and Suburbs

  27. Ann Says:
  28. Your climate sounds just like ours except for the snow, we don't get as much. Lovely pictures.

  29. studio lolo Says:
  30. You have an eye for nature shots and a poetic way of describing them.
    The photo in your header looks like a lake my Uncle took me to in the Gatineau Park area. I had a lovely September visit with he and my Aunt before she died.
    I'm glad I stopped by. Nice place you have here!

  31. De to our 10 year drought I have never thought that too much rain could hinder farmers. As rain is something we can never complain about here. I really like the last photo of the snow falling on all the trees.

  32. I so totally understand having only 4 months of're much further north than we are in the Dokatas. It seems like this is the summer that never was with all the cool days..maybe a handful that have reached over 90. I'm not looking forward to the last picture which I know is only a couple fo months away.

    Great the Water shot with the colorful leaves in the shadow..

  33. Lee Spangler Says:
  34. When I see your pictures and read your comments, I appreciate that there is still some diversity left on our continent. I appreciate your reflective and objective style of describing your world.

  35. Rajesh Says:
  36. Exceptionally beautiful snaps.

  37. Lorac Says:
  38. Frostbite and Sunburn - It won't be long unfortunately!

    J-Bar - Thanks for visiting!

    Ann -Hi there! Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment.

    Studio Lolo - I enjoyed your site as well!Thanks for coming by!

    Liss - Funny how the weather makes us look at our worlds. I can't imagine a drought for ten years! It must be very trying!

    Alica - I think this is a summer to remember!

    Lee Spangler -Thank you for visiting and your very kind words.I loved your site and the pics too!

    Rajesh - Than you so much!

  39. These are lovely scenes for SWF. I especially like the fountain and the fall leaves with the reflection of the sky in the water. I understand completely that you feel cheated out of summer. Here in the UK we've had yet another wet summer - not cold but generally damp - and I feel much the same as you do. BTW - I visited Toronto and the southern part of Ontario about 18 years ago and loved it.

  40. SandyCarlson Says:
  41. What a great place. Gorgeous!

  42. I've enjoyed viewing all the shots, lovely and very pleasing :)

  43. Lorac Says:
  44. Postcards form Wildwood - I suppose there is always next year. Sigh!

    Sandy Carlson - Wow! Thanks for stopping by and the great comment.

    Napaboaniya - Thanks so much!

  45. Amit Gupta Says:
  46. beautiful nd very innovative shots....


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